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ANDREW O'SHANICK is the youngest and most attractive brother in the Skarsgård family (unconfirmed); he's what you get when Patrick Wilson meets an American Dan Stevens, though he would have insisted on singing If I Can’t Love Her in the movie.

Andrew grew up immersed in the arts - beginning violin lessons by his own request at the age of 3 and diving into ballet class at the age of 6 - and has dedicated the entirety of his life to pursuing any and every conceivable artistic opportunity within his reach. Violin exchange program in an Italian hillside village? Of course. Musical anthropology research project in the heart of Austria? You know it. Opera SummerStock in the Western Carolina Mountains? Sign him right up.

After earning his Master’s Degree in Opera Performance from the Boston Conservatory, Andrew moved to New York City to pursue his newly minted dream of becoming a theater actor. He quickly realized he knew exactly nothing about acting and enrolled in the Matthew Corozine Studio where he would study Matt for the next 4 fours, finding his NYC homebase and building his foundation in a Meisner-based technique. Since then, Andrew has studied many wonderful techniques with many beloved teachers, including: Chekhov workshops with John McManus, On Camera Technique with the Matt Newton Studio, and ongoing class with the inimitable Lesly Kahn & Co through the magic (and ocular pain) of Zoom.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Andrew also spent part of the pandemic trying to make sure the country was not subjected to another four years of the human skidmark that was our 45th President. He worked remotely from his parents’ attic as a Field Organizer with the Arizona Democratic Coordinated Campaign for a region of Maricopa County in what feels like a fever dream of Google Voice calls and CRMs and caffeine microdosing, thankfully emerging victorious and exhausted and certain that he never wants to have to do that again.

Feel free to cast him in a TV Show or a Movie or a Play - he’s definitely very keen on all of that.

Andrew O'Shanick_HS2.jpg

Photo by Dirty Sugar

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